PS Union Calls Off Strike Threat After Securing Pay Raises for Workers

(July 25, 2023) – The union representing UPS workers has called off a strike threat after securing pay raises for part-time workers.

The Teamsters union, which represents about 340,000 UPS workers, had been threatening to strike if the company didn’t come to the table with a significantly improved financial offer. But on Wednesday, the union announced that it had reached a tentative agreement with UPS that includes pay raises for part-time workers.

Under the new agreement, part-time UPS workers will receive a pay raise of 8% in the first year of the contract, followed by 4% raises in each of the following two years. The agreement also includes a new pension plan for part-time workers and improved health care benefits.

“This is a great victory for our members,” said Sean O’Brien, president of the Teamsters’ UPS division. “We were able to secure significant pay raises for part-time workers, which is something that they have been fighting for for a long time.”

UPS CEO Carol Tomé said that the company is “pleased” to have reached an agreement with the Teamsters.

“This agreement is fair for our employees and our customers,” Tomé said. “It allows us to continue to invest in our business and our people, while also providing our customers with the best possible service.”

The tentative agreement still needs to be ratified by the Teamsters membership. If it is ratified, the strike threat will be called off.

The strike threat had been looming for months, as the Teamsters and UPS had been unable to reach an agreement on a new contract. The major outstanding issue was pay, particularly for part-time UPS workers, who make up 60% of the company’s workforce. Under the current contract, part-time workers at UPS start at $15.50 an hour.

The tentative agreement is a win for the Teamsters, as it secures significant pay raises for part-time workers. It is also a win for UPS, as it avoids a strike that could have disrupted deliveries and hurt the company’s business.

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